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Charging the first electric bus in Canelones, Uruguay

Date :2019-08-09 Hits:37

Location: Canelones, Uruguay

Products: 60kW DC fast charger


The first electric bus in Canelones was launched On August 7, 2019, which is manufactured by China's top coach maker Ankai and its supporting charging infrastructure is supplied by SSE, Ankai’s close partner. 


Recognized as a milestone in the electrification process of Uruguay’s public transport, the electric bus and charger attracted a lot of attention. Mr. Metedlera, the Director of the Transportation Bureau of Canelones said zero emission buses and charging infrastructure will be promoted in 30 cities and regions soon for a greener and sustainable future. SSE will definitely support this revolution in Uruguay with quality charging equipments for electric buses, logistics vehicles, forklifts and other transportation areas.

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