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Electric Vehicle AC Charger
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SSE electric vehicle AC chargers are available in wall-mounted and floor-mounted types with power range from 7kW to 80kW. The charger is reliable, flexible, fast and easy to operate, fully tested by authorities, suitable for public, commercial and residential parking lots, airports, highway service areas, etc.

Interface Display

Color LCD touch screen user interface, displaying working status, charging progress, IC card balance and other information


Comply with the relevant provisions of AC power metering

Card Swiping

Support card swiping methods such as RFID and IC card with charging billing and control

Various Payment Methods

Support third-party payment platform, bus card, mobile phone payment,etc.

Data Management

Protect and manage the integrity and security of data, allows data query and replication

Remote Monitoring

Available in communication with superior control and management system, support Ethernet, 3G, 4G, etc.

Safety & Protections

With self-checking and fault alarm, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, leakage, anti-lightning, emergency stop, pull-out to power-off, auto power-off on abnormal charging, full autostop and other protections

Charging Reservation
Can be set to charge according to charging amount, power, time etc., or charge automatically

Key Benefits
International Standard

Comply with European standards, CE certified, compatible with OCPP 

Higher Intelligence
- Allowing search, navigation, inquiry and reservation via mobile App and supporting various payment methods

- Advanced SSE Cloud management platform with intelligent monitoring

Higher Reliability
- Adopting flame retardant materials, sturdy case and anti-electric shock
- Key switch and swipe-card start, equipped with anti-theft holes to ensure the safety of equipment

- Various protections to ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles

Higher Stability 

High protection level, can endure harsh environments

Technical DataCertificates


Rated input voltage (V)

AC220±10%; AC380±20%

Rated input frequency (Hz)



Output voltage (V)

AC220±10%; AC380±20%

Output current (A)

16, 32, 63

Output efficiency (%)


Insulation resistance ()


Leakage current (mA)


Charging interfaces

 1 or 2

Communication interface



Operating temperature ()

-20 to 50

Storage temperature ()

-40 to 70

Humidity (%)

5 - 95 ( non-condensing)

Altitude (m)


Pollution gradation



No acid, alkaline or other corrosive gases or explosive gases in the ambient air, rain and snow prevention measures required


Protection level



Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, leakage, anti-lightning, emergency stop, pull-out to power-off, full autostop


Wall-mounted; floor-mounted

Dimensions (W×D×H, mm)

280×120×400 (wall-mounted);

280×120×1500 (floor-mounted)



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