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Smart Charging Container
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ZEVQC series flexible charging container is designed for professional stations. Its pre-installed structure highly integrates distribution switchgear, DC chargers, intelligent control system, metering, protection, communication, monitoring and other system modules and functions. It provides DC power supply for numerous charging terminals as needed, meeting the charging requirements of various vehicles and different powers, and has been used in lots of countries around the world.

Centralized control
Centralized control and management is allowed for all DC chargers, can achieve real-time regulation of power output according to transformer capacity by dynamic load dispatch or setting fixed load upper limit 

Flexible charging
Automatically allocate the charging module output based on the results of communication with multiple BMSs, to realize flexible power distribution on demand

Power scheduling
The charging power can be dynamically adjusted by the monitoring system, quickly recharge during the day and charge in turn or evenly at night, to cut station investment and improve the utilization of charging facilities

Unattended operation
Automatic charging after plug in, easy to operate; fault alarm and emergency call, no manual inspection is needed

- Certified by TÜV CE, support OCPP1.6;
- Flexible distribution of charging power, higher charging efficiency and higher utilization of power load;
- Standardized, pre-installed container design, small floor space, easy to transport and install, saving civil construction cost and construction time;
- Modular and integrated design of power transformer and distribution, easy to expand, flexible in configuration and complete in function;
- High-protection outdoor design, efficient heat dissipation, resistant to rain, snow, high or low temperature, stable operation in a harsh environment;
- Adopting active power filter and reactive compensation technology, power factor up to 0.998 and THD less than 3%;
- Supporting cloud platform management and mobile app intelligent monitoring, to achieve real-time data collection and unattended operation;
- Multi-language intelligent HMI, easy to operate;
- Complete design of environmental control system, fire protection system, grounding system, etc., more safe and reliable

Technical DataCertificates


Input voltage (V)


AC incoming line


Frequency (Hz)


Power factor



Output voltage (V)

DC200-750 (Continuously adjustable)

Rated output power (kW)



Charging interfaces


Output current (A)





Regulated voltage accuracy


Charging mode

cycle or simultaneous charging

Steady current accuracy




Communication interface

PLC (charger to vehicle)

CAN  (charger to vehicle)

Ethernet (charger to back stage)

Dimensions: WxDxH (mm)

6058×2438×2591 (container); 680×500×1700charger

IP level

IP54 (outdoor)

Connector Type



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