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160kW-360kW DC Fast Charger
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The ZEVQC series high-power electric vehicle DC fast chargers adopt European standard interface, integrating setting control, management, query, display, remote monitoring and other functions. The entire charging process is under intelligent control. With two charging connectors and optional charging modes, the devices are ideal choices for fast charging at large bus parking lots, highway service areas, EV charging stations, etc.

Ultra-fast charging
Charging for 5 mins, running for 120 mins

Wide output voltage range
150 to 1000V wide output voltage range, meeting the charging requirements of most electric vehicles

Optional charging modes

Two connectors charging two vehicles simultaneously or alternately; both connectors charging one vehicle is also enabled

Higher Reliablity
Perfect waterproof and dustproof design, efficient heat dissipation, resistant to rain, snow, high or low temperature, stable operation in a harsh environment

Strong security
Multiple protections: full of automatic power off, overcharge protection and failure isolation, etc.

Friendly Interface 
Multi-language intelligent human-machine interface, easy to operate

CE certified 
Adopt European standard interface, CE certified 

Higher Intelligence
Cloud platform management, mobile App intelligent monitoring, real-time data collection
Technical DataCertificates

Line voltage (VAC)

AC 400 ± 10%

AC power connection

3P + N + PE

Frequency (HZ)

50 ± 5%

Power factor

≥ 0.99

Current THD value

≤ 5%

Output current (A)

0-200 or 0-400

Voltage regulation accuracy

≤ ±0.5%

Steady current accuracy

≤ ±1%

Ripple peak factor


Output voltage range (VDC)

150 - 1000

Charging interfaces


Charging connectors

1 or 2

Output power (kW)

160, 180, 200, 240, 300, 360


Wooden packing

Dimensions (W×D×H:mm)

840 x 980 x 2000 (in kind prevail)

Cable length (m)

7 or 10 (optional)

IP level



PLC (charger to vehicle)

Ethernet (charger to charger)


Air Cooled

Full load efficiency

≥ 94%


EN 61851-1,EN 62196,IEC 61851-21-2,EN 61851-23,EN 61851-24


Overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, earthing, lightning protection, power outage, auto power off protection

Ambient temperature ()

-30 to +50

Storage temperature ()

-40 to +70


5%-95% no frost

Altitude (m)

≤ 2000

Noise (dB)


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