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SSE won another project of Beijing Daxing International Airport

Date :2020-05-27 Hits:49
SSE won another bidding for the project of Beijing Daxing International Airport on May 23, to deliver 38 sets of multi-terminal electric vehicle fast chargers for the flight area. This is the second time for SSE to be Daxing airport’s charger supplier after the project phase I.

Daxing Airport is a super project with the world's largest terminal. The renewable energy ratio of the airport exceeds 10%. It is also the world's first airport to achieve 100% coverage of on-site clean energy vehicles and charging facilities.

The bidding is for the charging facilities to be installed near the apron. As the pioneer in airport EV charging, SSE has been deeply cultivating and quite experienced in this field. Impressed by the performance in the project phase I, Daxing Airport chose SSE again among all the renowned charger manufacturers.  

120kW to 360kW split multi-terminal fast chargers will be adopted for this project, including supporting centralized monitoring and management system. With 38 hosts corresponding to 148 charging terminals, the total installed capacity is up to 5160kW.

Most of the charging equipment to be delivered are high/low voltage integrated chargers, especially developed for airport by SSE. The charger has an ultra-wide voltage output range and ultra-high current output capability. With the excellent compatibility, the charger can handle all types of electric vehicles in the field such as shuttle buses, tractors, special clearing vehicles, etc. A single host can offer fast and safe charging for high-voltage and low-voltage EVs at the same time. It’s also suitable for electric forklifts, trucks and other heavy vehicles, and has been successfully applied in lots of projects.

The device adopts dynamic power distribution technology, which can intelligently identify high voltage and low voltage according to the charging needs of vehicles and automatically allocate output power. The appearance design will also be upgraded with sophisticated connector holders, for easier handling and more friendly charging experience.

SSE fast charging station for Daxing Airport project phase I

SSE solar+storage+charging hybrid system for Daxing Airport project phase I

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