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SSE signed a strategic MOU with UNSW

Date :2020-12-11 Hits:11
SSE signed a strategic Momorandum of Understanding(MOU) with the University of New South Wales in Australia (UNSW) for the joint R&D and deployment in multiple fields such as electric vehicle(EV) charging, solar power, energy storage and hybrid energy systems.

To achieve the 2030 emission reduction target, the Australian government has been vigorously supporting the development of renewable energy. Incentive policies have been formulated to accelerate the electrification. By 2040, the share of electric vehicles is supposed to exceed 70%.

UNSW is the world's top research institution, one of the members of three internationally renowned research university alliances, APRU, GlobalTech and Universitas 21. UNSW has a long history of scientific research in new energy and maintains close cooperation and exchanges with many government scientific research organizations. With achievements successfully marketed, UNSW has become an important force promoting the development of new energy in Australia.

SSE established a branch in Australia back in 2008, cultivating the new energy field. With multiple solar power projects developed, SSE earns a good brand reputation. For the past few years, SSE has been rapidly expanding in the global market with its excellent EV charging technology and products.

In the upcoming cooperation, SSE and UNSW will jointly develop charging products suitable for the local market, to accelerate the evolution of EVs and charging facilities. Based on charging, the R&D will focus on the hybrid energy application in parking lots, integrating solar power, storage and EV charging and gradually extend to multiple fields. It was also mentioned that the “oil-to-electricity” at airports would be a good entry point, and SSE’s integrated energy solution for Beijing Daxing International Airport is worthy of learning and promotion.

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