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Another trip to IAA! SSE charging solution powered AIWAYS U5’s 15,022-kilometer road trip to Frankfurt

Date :2019-09-25 Hits:69

For the second time, SSE shew up at IAA MOTOR SHOW in Frankfurt! This year, SSE brought its new look European standard charger, 3-in-1 AC&DC charger, portable charger and low-speed EV charger. We met with visitors from France, Germany, the UK, Romania, Czech, Poland, Netherlands, India, etc. Experienced in European market, SSE expects to build more and more charging stations to serve for people across Europe.

During IAA motor show, AIWAYS U5 all-electric SUV(prototype) debut at Frankfurt central station, which recently made the journey to Frankfurt from Xi’an, China and set a new Guinness World Records for the “longest journey by an electric vehicle (prototype)”. SSE offered mobile power supply charging system solution for this epic 15,022-kilometer road trip. The mobile power vehicle is equipped with a 80kW diesel generator set and a 60kW European standard DC charger, to provide emergency EV charging and backup power supply for U5. 

Passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and other 12 countries, AIWAYS U5 and SSE mobile power vehicle challenged various harsh environments, like Gobi, ultra-high temperature, heavy rain, etc. SSE charging equipment support completing this impossible mission with the "zero fault" performance.

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