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Sunny Side Up for Chicken Farm Melbourne Australia

Date :2014-10-30 Hits:44
SSE proudly supported Digitech to complete the installation of a 100kw solar system for Casaccio Chicken Farm.
The system uses 30kw SSE 3 phase inverters and Canadian Solar panels.  The system also uses the MyWatt monitoring system and can be viewed online shortly.
Spokesperson for the Digitech Group said “We always use quality equipment to deliver our customers the best-performing solar system.  We don’t want to have service issues.  Commercial systems require a high level of performance and technical expertise that few companies can deliver. Working with SSE over the past 4 years has given us confidence in both the products and the after sales support.”
So now when you get your free range eggs you also know the power used in the family owned business came from the sun.

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