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SSE EU Standard EV Charger officially debuted in Europe

Date :2018-11-28 Hits:98

On November 22, the city of Clayova, Romania, was covered with snow and ice. In a factory, Frank Chen, from the International Department of SSE, showed a warm smile on his face. The SSE Euro-standard fast charger was successfully connected to BMW i3. And then a message across Eurasia was sent back to China, “Our Euro-standard charger was officially launched in the European market! "

"We had a very pleasant chat at the exhibition," said the owner of the factory, patting Frank on his shoulder. It turned out that they had "looked up" to the chargers of SSE at an international exhibition. BMW and Audi are the two main European-standard electric vehicles in Romania, and the company’s business are BMW I3 electric vehicles. After some debugging, the 60kW DC fast charger of SSE perfectly matches BMW I3 and smoothly runs.

This charger is the first European standard series charging product developed by SSE in the industry. In former time, the 120kW charger has been successfully put into operation at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, providing green power for its European standard electric bus. This series of products have one machine and two guns, which can charge two electric vehicles at the same time for intelligent power distribution, and can also be super fast charging of single vehicle and two guns. On the spot of this debugging, the 60 kW charger charged the car with 80% in just 20 minutes. While the customers praised the excellent performance of SSE products, they were also confident of the 150 kW equipment that will be cooperated in the future.

Romania's temperature dropped below zero in November, making it a fairy tale country in the snow. The charger will soon be moved to the outdoor parking lot after successful debugging, which is also a test for the equipment.

"I'm freezing," Frank quipped, "but our product is much more 'carrying' than I can, it can stand the 'high temperature barbecue' in Thailand and the freezing here. After all, our products have been successfully applied in extreme temperatures of 40 and - 30 below zero", Frank is full of confidence.
This cooperation has built a bridge of trust and will open up a new situation for the promotion of local electric vehicles market. At present, although European countries are encouraging the development of electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure construction in most countries and regions is still relatively weak. Such a country as vast as Romania, there are only 114 charging stations for new energy vehicles. The owner of the company said he would consider using China's charger operation mode for reference, combining his own electric scooter charging station resources to put chargers, from urban streets, parks to shopping malls, parking lots, highway rest stations and other places. Undoubtedly, Surpass Sun Electric will become their close comrades-in-arms in this "revolution".
In addition to the support of hardware equipment, SSE is also well prepared in software. It has developed a "SSE cloud" charging service platform, and the European standard series products can meet OCPP. "But if customers want to use their own backstage, we can also be fully compatible and help them connect to the communication agreement." Frank added.
Romania is not the first European country to land for SSE. Before that, the national standard chargers of SSE have matched the new energy vehicle companies such as Yutong and China Mobile Group, exporting to Iceland, France, Belarus and other countries and set up a good brand image already. At present, SSE has established distribution outlets in more than 10 countries and regions in Europe to provide customers with localized services and support.
"What we need to do is to make good products and services steadily. We believe that SSE's passport will be stamped with chapters from all over the world." On the other end of the voice, Frank, who was a little excited, was on his way to the next stop in Spain without stopping, and didn’t see any fatigue in the rush.
Yes, we expect SSE to shine more brilliantly on the big stage of Europe and even global market.
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