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SSE European-standard large-power charger obtained CE certification

Date :2018-09-03 Hits:103

SSE Euro-standard high-voltage, high-power DC fast charger series products obtained the CE certificate issued by TUV Rheinland on August 31, which means the products met EU regulations and technical requirements and obtained a “passport” to enter the EU market.


In recent years, SSE has been committed to the development of international standard products and launched the Euro-standard chargers, which have been successfully applied in Thailand and other European standard markets.

The models certified are 75kW, 90kW, 120kW, 150kW of ZEVQC series quick chargers. The products adopt Euro-standard port, multi-language intelligent human-machine interface, and support OCPP2.0, to achieve intelligent monitoring, remote maintenance, online upgrades and other functions by using big data, cloud platform technology.

The chargers have outstanding performances such as intelligent power distribution, independent current sharing, intelligent temperature control, etc. It also can achieve max. output on constant power and constant current, suitable for large bus stations, highway service areas, EV charging stations, etc. , providing smarter and more efficient charging services for global customers.

SSE has been following the international high standards as always. The chargers have multiple protections such as automatic power off, overcharge protection and failure isolation, etc. High protection and professional heat dissipation design are adopted to ensure long-term stable operation in harsh environments such as rain, snow, high or low temperature, etc. The safety and reliability fully meet the test requirements of EN61851-1:2011, EN61851-23:2014 , EN61851-24: 2014.

Prior to this, SSE also has various products CE certified, such as containerized charging piles, forklift chargers, etc. With the Euro-standard DC charger certified, SSE will further accelerate the global market layout. After entering France, Iceland, Sweden, Belarus, Hungary and other countries, SSE is providing green power for more international customers.

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