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SSE EV charger debuted in Paris, France

Date :2018-01-28 Hits:104

On January 15,SSE matched the 150 kW double-gun fast charger for the Ankai pure electric sightseeing bus exported to France was successfully debugged. The fully-powered sightseeing bus drove to the streets of Paris and became a beautiful scenery line of this romantic capital.


To achieve the emission targets promised by the Paris Accord, the French government plans to stop selling gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040 and vigorously promote new energy vehicles. For Paris, one of the world's five major international metropolises with dense tourists, zero-emission electric sightseeing buses have become the first choice for tourism public transport, and the corresponding charging infrastructure is indispensable.

European market has long been synonymous with "high-end products" and "strict standards". Entering the European market is also an affirmation of the strength of Chinese manufacturing enterprises. As Peter Durac, a master of management, said, "Without good quality, there can be no real internationalization." Over the years, SSE has followed the international high standards closely, from technology research and development, production and manufacturing to process flow, and has very strict self-requirements for every detail. The matching Ankai pure electric sightseeing bus exported to France is a 150 kW double-gun DC fast charger independently developed by SSE. The charger has passed CE certification, and all performance indicators fully meet the strict requirements of the European market. It also has outstanding performances such as multi-gun, intelligent distribution of charging power, multi-loop output, etc. It can be filled with two 12-meter luxury double-decker electric buses in 2.5 hours at the same time.


After the equipment debugging, the customer service engineer of SSE introduced the related performance and parameters of the charger in detail for customers, and trained the technicians of customers in equipment operation and fault judgment, so as to ensure that users can operate on their own. The excellent performance of SSE charger and the professional service for customer has been highly praised by French users.

From Asia, America, Oceania to Europe, from "smokeless city" Reykjavik to "Romantic capital" Paris, SSE has played a steady role in the international market, step by step, spreading "green energy" to all parts of the world. In the new year, SSE will be more active with a new look in the international market.

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