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China Artificial Sun Project

Date :2022-02-23 Hits:15
The "Low Frequency Suppression Hybrid Filtering Experimental Device" project jointly developed by SSE and the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the acceptance in November 2017. SSE won another bid for the "Artificial Sun" project in Ocotober, 2021, providing the CRAFT-NNBI high-voltage power supply high-power NPC inverter.

The tokamak device is one of the most promising experimental devices for realizing nuclear fusion power generation. EAST is the world's first fully superconducting tokamak device designed and developed by the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. However, the EAST device generates a large number of low-order harmonics and inter-harmonics during the experiment, and presents different degrees of conduction amplification, which will seriously threaten the safe and stable operation of the EAST device itself and the power grid system. 

SSE has developed a low-frequency suppression hybrid filter experimental device, which innovatively combines the suppression of low-order harmonics with reactive power compensation. It breaks the limitation of the filtering effect of traditional passive filters and the APF active filtering capacity and technical cost, and has made breakthroughs in APF application voltage, limit capacity and inter-harmonic control.
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