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Xinyi Glass Malaysia Project Phase II

Date :2019-03-07 Hits:72

Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited is the world's leading integrated glass manufacturer with total assets of over HK$30 billion. In 2015, Xinyi invested its first overseas large-scale production base in Malaysia. 

Existing problems:

The project phase II includes two high-quality float production lines with a total daily capacity of 2,000 tons. There are four power distribution rooms on site. The main loads are the converters. The maximum harmonic current reaches 280A, and the current distortion is 27%, which seriously affect the power quality and safety of the power supply system.


Adopting SSE 300A and 200A large-capacity vertical active power filter, the total installed capacity reaches 3800A. The vertical active power filter device is of small size and adopts the innovative vertical trolley structure with wheels. It is equipped with independent air duct and vertical heat dissipation, suitable for the high temperature weather in Malaysia. The combination of modular technology and unlimited expansion makes it easier to install and maintain. The product has been CE certified, and all performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Control effect:

The current distortion was reduced from 27% to 7% and the power quality of the system has been significantly improved.

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