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SSE Zero Carbon Park

Date :2019-03-07 Hits:73
Location: Hubei, China
Capacity: 3.9MW solar power system, 97.6kWh energy storage, 500kW charging system
Time: April, 2021

The system consists of 3.9MW solar power generation system(including 3.2MW PV system for the workshop rooftop and 100kWp for the corridor rooftop, 600kW solar carport), 100kW/97.6kWh lithium battery energy storage system, EV charging system, 5G smart lighting system and smart energy integrated system. 
It can achieve an average annual power generation of 3.72 million kWh and save 1303.4 tons of coal, reduce CO₂emissions by 3712.83 tons, and reduce wastewater discharge by 3,724 tons. In 2020, SSE Industrial Park consumed 865,000 kWh of electricity and 14,614 tons of water as well as 69 tons of gasoline. This means that SSE Industrial Park has first achieved “carbon neutrality”.
SSE will cooperate with new energy automakers to re-use the retired power battery in the solar+storage+charging system after 3-5 years, aiming at a closed-loop industrial chain integrating EV power batteries, battery recycling, energy storage, dismantling and scrapping.
The 5G smart street lights in the park also integrate solar power, storage and charging technology. They’re featured with 12 functions like smart lighting, 5G micro base stations, smart charging, and integrated smart energy control, etc.

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